Dental Services in Lockdown 2 by the Bond Dental Clinic

Lockdown 2 – Full Speed Ahead!

The COVID-19 pandemic has substantially altered the way that many of us live our lives and this has caused much uncertainty and frustration.

The pandemic and subsequent restrictions resulted in serious setbacks for the dental profession – leaving many patients without access to fundamental health care services.

Bond Dental Clinic was designed as we were coming out of the initial Lockdown period in order to exceed the official guidelines and ensure that we could provide the safest and very best facilities for patient care.

We have implemented hospital grade ventilation up to 20 air exchanges per hour throughout the entire premises, windows in each surgery, an air purification unit with HEPA  filters, a stringent PPE policy and an effective disinfectant regime.

The new restrictions require patients to undergo a full triage prior to being seen and therefore patients must contact us for bookings. Although we cannot accept walk-ins until the current restrictions are lifted, we will aim to provide a highly responsive and prompt service for patients in need.

We are confident that we can offer a very safe premises without any reduction in quality / services and look forward to helping within our community.


The Bond Dental Clinic Team

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