Root canal / filling treatments

Root canal treatment is required when nerves inside the teeth are severely damaged or irritated. During this procedure root canals are cleaned, disinfected and filled with a root canal filling material to allow the teeth to be re-built and to prevent the need for teeth removal.

Root nerve damage can often be very painful and distressful to the patient. A Specialist Endodontist uses a microscope which enables them to visualise the tiniest details of the tooth structure and to preserve remaining tooth structure. This gives the best possible chance to the tooth for long-term survival.

Services provided by our Specialist Endodontist:

  • Root canal treatment and re-treatment
  • Post and core build up; or space can be left for post and core (if requested)
  • Vital pulp therapy (pulp capping, pulpotomy, root apexification)
  • Treatment of trauma cases
  • Treatment of unusual anatomy
  • Treatment of perio-endo lesions
  • Solutions for problems with anaesthesia
  • Finding and accessing sclerosed canals
  • Removal of posts and broken instruments
  • Endodontic surgery, including apicectomy, hemi-section, root resection, perforation and external root resorption repair
  • Non-vital bleaching

  • Consultation from £95.00
  • Root canal treatment from £799.00
  • Post or instrument removal/bypass from £300.00
  • Endodontic surgery £1250.00
  • Review from £55.00