Aesthetic & Cosmetic Dentistry

Aesthetic Dentistry - Cosmetic Dentistry - Smile Makeovers

Aesthetic dentistry can be summarised as the marriage between the ‘art and science of dentistry’.

Aesthetics is about achieving beauty which often utilises cosmetic principles whereas the science of dentistry seeks to find functional means of achieving good oral health.

Often cosmetic dentistry focuses on improvement of color, position, shape, size alignment and overall smile appearance. These concerns do not constitute a specialty field of dentistry in themselves; however, as individual elements each tends to fall under the scope of one of the registered dental specialties, namely: prosthodontics, periodontics and orthodontics.

Further, these types of tooth modification form the core of smile makeovers.

Aesthetics has wider application beyond individual techniques and seeks to obtain a beautiful natural looking outcome and healthy function as a whole.

Mastering aesthetics does not come overnight and requires many years of dedication, perseverance and commitment to the craft.

Common techniques employed in aesthetic dentistry include:  

We have clinicians that are experts in aesthetic dentistry as well as a range of options for laboratory technicians and materials. The use of laboratory and materials can cause pricing to vary considerably.

Our specialists also work together to achieve the best possible functional outcomes in tandem with good aesthetics.

If you are seeking a smile makeover or high standard of aesthetics, please inform us of this when making an appointment.