Dental Bridges

Conventional Bridges

Conventional bridges have been in use since time immemorial to replace lost teeth and / or to restore gaps.

In simple terms, dental bridge work consists of more than a single crown unit joined together. It is fitted over existing teeth and extend over toothless gap spaces. 

Bridges are constructed from similar materials to crowns and at Bond Dental Clinic we tend to use zirconia and porcelain fused to metal.

Conventional bridges are permanent restorations and can work very well in the long term. However, their use has been in decline since the rise of dental implants to replace toothless spaces.

Regardless of the advances in dental implant technology, there are circumstances, especially where patients would prefer not to undergo surgical procedures, where a dental bridge may be the preferred treatment option.

Resin Retained Bridge

Resin Retained Bridge

A resin retained bridge, also known as an adhesive dental bridge, is used to replace missing teeth by ‘sticking’ onto adjacent teeth with a strong cement and often without invasive preparation.

If the abutment teeth that a bridge is to be mounted / fixed onto are in good condition and healthy, then the tooth reduction required for conventional bridges is invasive and undesirable.

Fortunately, there are often situations where the less invasive resin retained bridge can be fitted by using metal or porcelain wings and anchoring the pontic by fusing the wings to the abutments via resin material.

This type of bridge can also work as a long-term fixed provisional restoration to replace missing teeth during implant treatment (between different treatment stages).

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  • New Patient Examination (Including X-rays) £80
  • New Patient Child Examination (Including X-rays) £60
  • Routine Examination £55
  • Routine Child Examination £35
  • Dental Emergency Appointment from £150
  • Dental Crown/Onlay/Veneer from £910
  • Dental Bridge (per unit) from £840
  • White fillings from £180
  • Teeth whitening from £650
  • Set of full acrylic dentures from £1600
  • Partial acrylic denture from £850
  • Partial chrome denture from £1650
  • Root canal treatment (with General Dentist) from £675
  • Routine extraction (with General Dentist) £225-£275