General Dentistry

We provide a quality private general dentistry service with competitive pricing in a caring and painless way. Patients of all age groups and ranges of varied dental health are welcome.

Even if you feel that your oral health has been neglected, we are here to help and to offer a discrete non-judgemental service where you can feel comfortable regardless of your situation.

Dr Nikolay Tsintarov is an experienced General Dentist and his focus is getting to know you and building a long-lasting relationship.

This is especially important with conditions such as dentophobia and dental anxiety which are best mitigated by developing a sense of trust and comfort with the person who is treating you.

Every patient should be treated with the highest level of care and dignity and we always aim to provide you with a relaxed atmosphere, friendly staff and supportive patient journey.

Whether you are looking for a reputable place for routine dental needs, cosmetic dentistry or something more, our General Dentist has a sound knowledge of the general and specialist treatments available and is therefore in the best position to advise you if you might benefit from seeing one of our registered specialists.

Dental Checkups

Regular dental checkups play a key role in preventative dentistry along with regular dental hygiene appointments and when conducted routinely provide a baseline understanding of a patient’s oral health.

This can assist greatly in timely detection of more serious health and dental issues or provide an opportunity to learn more about some of the treatment options available.


Emergency Appointments

Emergency appointments are designed to quickly stabilise acute pain or discomfort that has arisen unexpectedly. Once the immediate issue is under control, the clinician will then advise of any further permanent work that should be carried out.

  • New Patient Examination (Including X-rays) £80
  • New Patient Child Examination (Including X-rays) £60
  • Routine Examination £55
  • Routine Child Examination £35
  • Dental Emergency Appointment from £150
  • Dental Crown/Onlay/Veneer from £910
  • Dental Bridge (per unit) from £840
  • White fillings from £180
  • Teeth whitening from £650
  • Set of full acrylic dentures from £1600
  • Partial acrylic denture from £850
  • Partial chrome denture from £1650
  • Root canal treatment (with General Dentist) from £675
  • Routine extraction (with General Dentist) £225-£275