The art of dentures has been in decline during contemporary times and much of the skill and training to make high quality dentures has unfortunately been left in the past.

Fortunately, there are still a number clinicians capable of making excellent dentures and the value of this skill should not be underestimated as sound knowledge required to make quality dentures proves a solid foundation overall for restorative dentistry.

While dentures may not be suitable for everyone, most people can live healthy and very satisfied lives as a result of a well fitting denture. Although seldom, there are times when dentures may ultimately be the only workable treatment solution for a patient.

In any event, it is important for general oral health to replace missing teeth even if just one is missing. Leaving an untreated gap may affect chewing and speaking as additional strain is put on teeth either side of the gap and this can result in bite misalignment over time.

For patients missing several teeth or a full arch teeth, dentures can be used to replace the function and appearance of natural teeth. Well made dentures can be comfortable and have a natural looking aesthetic and we are happy to take the time to discuss all the options with you.

Full Acrylic Denture

Types of Dentures

Complete dentures replace a full arch if you have lost all of your teeth. An acrylic plastic base, coloured to match your gums with a full set of teeth is usually made from resin and designed to fit over your gums.

Partial dentures, sometimes called cobalt chrome dentures, replace one or more teeth and are used where a patient still has some of their own teeth. The replacement teeth are custom-made to fit the gaps you have and designed to blend in aesthetically with your remaining teeth. These replacement teeth are then fixed to a metal framework that attaches to your natural teeth to hold the denture in place.

Implant retained dentures are a more permanent solution for partial or complete dentures. Denture stabilisation uses dental implants to secure the ‘overdentures’ in a place with a fixed and permanent anchor. Implant retained dentures offer a number of benefits over removable dentures in that:

  • fit is secure to the gums;
  • dentures are integrated better and feel less intrusive;
  • the look and feel is much more like real, natural teeth; and
  • it is easier to bite and chew with them.

Although it sometimes takes a little time to adjust to wearing dentures, well made modern dentures can be made more comfortable and natural looking than ever before.

Exceptionally well fit denture made by Dr Bond shown below:



Who Should Make Your Dentures?

Denture making is a subfield of its own and falls under the dental specialty of Prosthodontics, which focuses on fixed and removable prosthetics.

At Bond Dental Clinic, we offer well made dentures by our General Dentist and alternatively, for patients seeking the highest quality bespoke dentures we would advise a consultation with our Specialist Prosthodontist.


Contact us and arrange an appointment if you are interested in exploring dentures further.

  • New Patient Examination (Including X-rays) £80
  • New Patient Child Examination (Including X-rays) £60
  • Routine Examination £55
  • Routine Child Examination £35
  • Dental Emergency Appointment from £150
  • Dental Crown/Onlay/Veneer from £910
  • Dental Bridge (per unit) from £840
  • White fillings from £180
  • Teeth whitening from £650
  • Set of full acrylic dentures from £1600
  • Partial acrylic denture from £850
  • Partial chrome denture from £1650
  • Root canal treatment (with General Dentist) from £675
  • Routine extraction (with General Dentist) £225-£275