Full Mouth Reconstruction No.3: All-on-4 Concept

Life changing treatment gives patient a new chance. Full mouth reconstruction on dental implants using “All-on-4” concept. Read more about: Dental Implants Prosthodontics Aesthetic & Cosmetic Dentistry

Smile Makeover No.4

A local dentist colleague was seeking a minimally invasive and reasonably inexpensive way of improving their smile. Treatment includes: teeth whitening, resin retained bridge and single tooth composite build up.   Read more about: Aesthetic & Cosmetic Dentistry Composite Bonding Prosthodontics

Smile Makeover No.3

Incredible minimally invasive smile makeover for a beautiful young lady utilizing icon, micro and macro abrasion as well as composite bonding.   Read more about: Aesthetic & Cosmetic Dentistry Composite Bonding

Full Mouth Reconstruction No.2: Multidisciplinary Treatment

Complex multidisciplinary full mouth reconstruction with orthodontic teeth movement to correct the bite, root canal treatment, dental implants, multiple porcelain restorations, teeth whitening and composite build up. Read more about: Orthodontics Dental Implants Aesthetic & Cosmetic Dentistry Endodontics Composite Bonding

Smile Makeover No. 2

Smile makeover / bite reconstruction by Dr. Birute Bond with composite bonding, dental implant bridge and partial denture. Patient’s written testimonial: “I cannot praise this practice and in particular Birute Bond enough for the restorative treatment I have received. After my initial consultation I received a very comprehensive report which detailed my options and pricing.Each […]

Not all that glitters is gold!

Sometimes porcelain and titanium will do the trick or even better – a beautiful implant bridge. Click here to learn more about dental implants.

Composite Bonding in Action

Composite bonding and a very happy patient. Our passion is making patients happy and improving lives through dentistry. Click here to learn more about composite bonding.

Denture Fit

The perfect sound of a well fitting denture. Click here to learn more about dentures.

Gum Recession Coverage

Beautiful gum recession coverage / connective tissue graft with tunneling technique carried out by Dr Marco Orlandi. Read more about: Periodontics