Study Club: Treatment Planning – 1 April 2022

Treatment planning is one of the most difficult skills for a general dentist to acquire and master.

This complex subject requires knowledge of:

  • -different treatment options that are available for a patient’s situation,
  • -long term prognosis of the available options, and
  • -the subtle nuances between those options.

The United Kingdom is perhaps the most litigious country in the world when it comes to dentistry. Consequently, this means that mistakes in treatment planning can result in great professional frustration and expense.

Birute Bond would like to invite clinicians in the Salisbury area for a casual discussion / study club to discuss the topic on Friday, 1 April at 1800.

Feel free to bring cases you might like to discuss with the group or privately with Birute.

If you would like to attend, please contact us at

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