Case Study: Full Mouth Reconstruction on Dental Implants and Teeth

Planning and restoration by Dr Birute Bond for a 72 year old patient.

Issues: few teeth remaining, inability to eat and smile.

Patient was very distressed and embarrassed about the state of her mouth and the fact that her dentist thought she was too old to have a full mouth reconstruction on implants.

Multiple treatment options were discussed including fixed and removable treatment options, with and without dental implant placement. The patient decided to have a full mouth rehabilitation with single crowns and short span bridges on teeth and dental implants.

The Patient required 18 extractions, bilateral sinus elevation, 10 implants and full mouth restorations on implants and teeth.

A maintenance routine was agreed for regular hygienist appointments (every 3 months) and a Michigan Splint worn every night.

Her treatment took almost 2 years and she says it has changed her life.

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