Tooth Surface Loss Webinar with BDA Wessex Branch

Specialist Prosthodontist Birute Bond will be discussing tooth surface loss with the BDA Wessex Branch on Thursday, 4 March 2021. Register for webinar at: Aims: -To give a complete overview of tooth surface loss diagnoses and management. ​Learning objectives: -Review the different causes of tooth surface loss and to discuss how to diagnose them; […]

Hypodontia Webinar with BDA Wessex Branch

Specialist Prosthodontist Birute Bond will be discussing hypontia with the BDA Wessex Branch on Thursday, 18 February 2021. Learning objectives: -To give a description and classification of hypodontia; -To explain the aetiology of hypodontia; -To discuss restorative management approaches for hypodontia patients; and -To present a severe hypodontia management case. The discussion will be followed […]

Periodontitis and COVID-19

The European Federation of Periodontology has recently published research that links increased risk of COVID-19 complications to periodontitis / gum disease. Read more:

Lockdown 3 – We are open!

Bond Dental Clinic will remain open during Lockdown 3 for non-urgent and urgent dental care. In accordance with the Prime Minister’s announcement on the lockdown commencing 5 January 2021, government guidance is clear that dentistry is an essential medical service and that patients are permitted to travel to / from appointments. We emphasise that our […]

New Patient Examination Offer

We would like to invite you to come and visit our practice! From 16 November until Christmas, we will be offering new patient examinations for only £60! We look forward to seeing you soon! Sincerely, The Bond Dental Clinic Team

Lockdown 2 – Full Speed Ahead!

The COVID-19 pandemic has substantially altered the way that many of us live our lives and this has caused much uncertainty and frustration. The pandemic and subsequent restrictions resulted in serious setbacks for the dental profession – leaving many patients without access to fundamental health care services. Bond Dental Clinic was designed as we were […]

We are open

Dear All, We would love to invite you all to our new home. We have put a lot of heart and thought into ensuring that we can provide a place that is safe, comfortable and enjoyable for you despite challenges of the current times. We have assembled an exceptional team including general and specialist dentists, […]